Wooden Multi-use Spiritual Vessel Double Incense Burner


Wooden Multi-use Spiritual Vessel | Double Incense Burner | Crystal Holder | Offering Bowl | Jewelry Holder

This simplistic but elegant, carved wooden vessel is hand crafted and stained a natural wood color. It's original use is as a double incense burner (yes, you can burn TWO incense sticks at the same time) but we here at The Spirit Den always try and find more ways to use beautiful pieces like this. It could also be a stylish vessel to hold your crystals, herbs, keepsakes and trinkets, or as used an offering bowl. Makes a wonderful accent to any home, sacred space or altar. 

Used as an incense burner, you can easily burn two sticks at the same time with the two drilled holes on the inside of each end. Burning two at a time makes it great if you like to mix your own scents or if you have a larger room and need a bolder scent to fill the space. It holds the sticks straight over the vessel and it's long enough for all standard incense sticks. Able to hold ash for multiple sticks for all you high volume incense users. No more spills and super easy to clean and empty.

Size: Approximately 12" long 3-4" wide 1.5" High (hand made so size may vary slightly)

Each wooden vessel is handcrafted. There may be natural blemishes or variations that are not product flaws, but add character making it a one-of-a-kind piece and uniquely yours. Due to the handmade nature and natural wood this item may vary in color, grain, size, shape and hand design marks.

This listing is for One Wooden Carved Vessel Only. Everything else pictured is for suggested use and not included.

This multi-use vessel is carved from one solid piece of natural mango wood, gently curved and stylish. The base is flat so it will sit on a tabletop/altar.  We recommend using only dry items directly on the wood. Do not leave in direct sunlight for long periods or allow to become overly damp. Clean with a soft cloth.
Note - This burner is not intended for use with Japanese-style incense. 

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This item is not for the heating or preparation of consumable or items that you intend to eat.
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