Hello Magical Being and Welcome to the Den!

Welcome to our unique metaphysical shop! We design and create a wide variety of magical products based on our love of all things Metaphysical, Witchy, New Age, Spiritual and Beyond! 

I opened The Spirit Den (formerly Cutting Edge Design Co) in 2014 as a hobby business. I didn't set out to begin a full fledged business but finding so much joy in the designing and creative process, lead to many discussions with Alex about how far this "hobby" could go. Well, we decided to take the risk and go for it. After 25 years in the Corporate IT world, Alex left his job to start the business full-time, allowing us to work side by side every day. (Along with The Spirit Den's furry employees, Mr. Leo and Miss Izabel...but don't let them fool you, they don't really do any "work".)

Our growth has been steady and sustainable, which is important as our small shop continues to evolve and expand. We continue to grow not just by broadening the offerings in our own shop, but by making relationships with our customers. We want to give you something that you will love, or be proud to give as gift to a loved one. That is why we don't sell anything that we wouldn't use ourselves!

We are believers in daily luxury and we don't believe that luxury is dependent on wealth. Appreciate the decadence of the first sip of good coffee in the morning, chillin on the sofa watching netflix at night alongside your fur baby and crystals. Taking a moment to pull a card and listen to what intuition along with what the universe needs to tell you. The Spirit Den was born of those kinds of moments. All of our products embrace the idea of making an ordinary moment feel special and also as a way to express your passions and interests in life.

I don’t think most people know that The Spirit Den is our sole income and we design and create our products by hand, out of our modest home studio. We feel that offering a finished product that we are proud of and treating our customers the way we would treat our own friends, is very important. We appreciate you joining us on our journey and would like to say "Welcome to the Den".

In love and light,

Alex and Tammy