Moon Water Jar | Herb Jar | 16oz


These jars can be used to make moon water, crystal elixirs, hold herbs, altar tools or trinkets and so much more! Moon Water can help us align with the powerful healing energy of the moon while also connecting us to nature.

Choose design:
Moon Water w/phases
Crystal Floral
Floral Crescent Moon

16oz - 5" tall Jar with Metal Screw On Lid
Vinyl Design on one side
Hand wash only. Do NOT submerge jar in water for long length of time. Do NOT put in dishwasher.
>Water Not Included<
Listing is for ONE Jar only. Everything else shown is not included.

To use for Moon Water: Fill jar with fresh water. Optional: Add any additions you might like, such as water safe crystals, flower petals, or herbs. Take a moment to set an intention for the water (and Crystals if you are using them). Next, take a few moments to express gratitude to the Moon and the energy, wisdom and guidance she provides us. Put lid on jar and place under the moonlit sky to charge, whether that be outside or on a window sill. In the morning collect the jar and use your moon water however you wish! Some ways to use Moon Water: drink a sip or two everyday, make moon tea, add to bath, water plants, cleanse crystals, make ritual sprays or crystal elixirs.

Moon Water is any water that has absorbed the Moons energy during ANY phase, although it’s most popular to place it beneath a Full Moon.

Magical Moon Phase Intentions:

New Moon

  • Fresh starts
  • Setting Intentions and Manifestations
  • Cleansing
  • Shadow work and self-development

Waxing Moon

  • Growth
  • Patience
  • Taking Action
  • Starting New Projects
  • Power
  • Success
  • Goals Coming To Fruition
  • Charging items
  • Releasing
  • Forgiveness
  • Banishing
  • Internal Work and Reflection


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