Hand Hammered Copper Offering Bowl


This beautiful, hand hammered copper bowl would be a striking addition to any sacred space or altar. These bowls have a number of uses: use as a ritual bowl, burn bowl with herbs, sage or palo santo. When using as an offering bowl, leave offerings such as fruit or drink or you can fill with money to use as an offering or money bowl for spells. Copper is known for amplifying energy making it a wonderful tool for charging crystals as well. These copper bowls will bring a warmth to any space. 

Bowl is approximately 2" h x 3" in diameter.

Handmade in India and pattern will vary with each piece. 

Listing is for ONE Copper Offering Bowl.

Caution: We suggest adding sand in the bottom prior to burning in these bowls. They may discolor with heat and become very hot to the touch. 

This item is not for the heating or preparation of consumable or items that you intend to eat. By purchasing this listing you assume all responsibility for use.

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I love the color and style.
I wish it was a little bigger.

Amy S.
Copper offering bowl

What a cute lil copper bowl! I just love it!! Love the size of it as it’s small enough to fit into cute vignettes but big enough to fit a few stones in it!!