Hand Carved Wood Heart Bowl


These beautiful wood heart bowls are hand carved and stained a natural wood color. You could fill it with crystals, keys, jewelry, potpourri or trinkets. Also wonderful as an offering bowl filled with flowers or fruit. They make a wonderful accent to any home, sacred space or altar. Your imagination is the only limit.

Size: Approximately 7" long 5-6" wide 1.5" High (hand made so size may vary slightly)

Each wooden heart bowl is 100% Mango Wood, handcrafted in India. Each one is slightly different because nature made it that way, varying in color, grain, size, shape. 

This listing is for One Wooden Carved Hand Bowl Only. Everything else pictured is for suggested use and not included.

We recommend using only dry items directly on the wood. If you would like to use for a flower arrangement, we suggest placing a small glass bowl or container inside to hold water. This heart bowl should last a lifetime if properly cared for.  Do not leave in direct sunlight for long periods or allow to become overly damp. 


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